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Here is a link to an interview with Alvaro after the Copa Del Rey match. It's adorable...check it out.



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Posted by just_jenni on 2011.02.20 at 17:09
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I need for drbillbongo to produce the photo from which he made my icon of Arby...in the meantime, while I am waiting, let me post a small-ish picspam of our boy. I call this the...



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Redefining 'fan-friendly'

Posted by motsdesoie on 2011.02.18 at 21:35
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I do most of my fangirling over Álvaro via Twitter but maybe I should bring some of it over here!

Today some fans saw Álvaro entering restaurant Urrechu in Madrid and tweeted to him that he should buy them some beers as they didn’t have enough money to eat “upstairs”.

Unsurprisingly, Álvaro replied agreeing to it and saying to the fan that he should tell the restaurant to add the beers to his check. Not wanting to abuse the kindness of a rich footballer the fan tweeted back saying that they would be satisfied with him coming down the stairs to take a pic with them.

Álvaro is Álvaro and he doesn’t disappoint. One of many reasons to love this guy.

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i'm late

Posted by motsdesoie on 2011.01.03 at 12:09
As we wait for the mighty mods to delete the previous entry concerning Russian boobies I'm gonna post the Álvaro's prank here. I'm really late with this and I know everyone has watched it but I think it needs to be in the archives of this community. 

Plus you can never get too much of him laughing at Raúl's face.

It wasn't good but whatever they're really nice

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News and a video!

Posted by txorakeriak on 2010.12.27 at 19:41
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As could be expected, the Real Madrid Christmas video has outtakes, and Álvaro is featuring in it several times:

Also, Álvaro and his Real Madrid teammate (and hip-attachment) Raúl Albiol will be at the "Gala Inocente", hosted by Antena3, this year! The show played a prank on the two guys, and the video of it will be aired tomorrow, December 28th, on Antena3.

And look, there is a picture of it (click for bigger):

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season's greetings!

Posted by txorakeriak on 2010.12.24 at 23:22
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¡Feliz Navidad a todos!

And there's an adorable pic to go with that!Collapse )

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A mixed bag for Christmas!

Posted by txorakeriak on 2010.12.23 at 17:34
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It's been a while since the last update, I'm sorry. Christmas season always stresses me out to no end. *LOL*

Anyway, on to the important stuff!

I also found tons of pics, so let's have a little unsorted picspam!

More?Collapse )

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Someone is sleeping with the coach

Posted by motsdesoie on 2010.12.11 at 11:18
In this world, a sordid series of sexual encounters can be the only ~~explanation

Oh wait no! Turns out Álvaro is a hard-working player, who loves the crest he wears on his chest (his quote on his profile on the official website: "I only know that I give my life for this shirt in every match") and he is getting rewarded because of it.

From Mou's press conference:

Arbeloa was always going to be a starter tomorrow, he's known he was going to play in Zaragoza for two days now. This is not because Sergio Ramos can't play, but because Arbeloa deserves it for what he is doing. He is an example of a player who works hard, is serious and fights, the same as Albiol and Granero. The substitutes are responding very well, it's something that is achieved with the mentality of players; we have to give them good conditions in training, and then the door to hope must always be open, so they know that the condition of a starter or a susbtitute is not permanent. This is what happened with Arbeloa"

So do you want to believe:

Option A: Hard working player finds a reward for his efforts

Option B: Slutty player beds the coach to reach his objectives


New Affiliate - Sami Khedira

Posted by soccergirl63 on 2010.12.10 at 10:41
Hello Everyone,


I would like you all to know that [info]e_vision & I have created a community dedicated to our beloved wonderful football player sami_khedira  and his fans. We hope to make this comm a fun and friendly place for all his fans to meet.

You are more than welcomed to join the community, to post and to comment.It is still new and simple but we hope it will grow with your love.

Our thanks go to [info]jennis_footie for letting us do this promo - and keep on enjoying your stay in Berlin! ♥  

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Free English Lessons

Posted by motsdesoie on 2010.12.05 at 18:20
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Do you sometimes worry your level of English is not good enough? Do you find yourself making silly mistakes that make you feel like you should do something to improve?

Well, fret no more because Álvaro will help you out!

"is a good new i really happy and i think all the tin has done a gud job an i tink dis game was really really difficult valenthia has eh good player wit quality in fron so has beet difficult but i tin the end we we culd beat dem...OK!!!!"

Problem solved.

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